API Overview

MFS Africa APIs provide different ways to access MFS Africa's services.

The APIs are grouped as follows:

  • The Hub Payments APIs - These are MFS Africa's main APIs for SENDING payments to consumers
  • The Portal Payments API (deprecated) - This API also allows you to send payments to customers, but is only useful if you are also using the Portal.
  • The Collections API - This API allows you to receive payments from customers.
  • The Card APIs - These APIs enable the issuance of physical and virtual debit/credit cards.
  • The BAXI B2B APIs - These APIs allow you to sell various products in Nigeria through our services.

The Payment APIs

MFS Africa operates a Payments Hub that is connected to banks, mobile network operators, and agent networks across Africa - our Partners.

In order to access these partners, you connect to the Payments Hub via the Payment APIs.


The Payments APIs enable you to connect directly to the Payments Hub.

The Payments APIs include:

  1. Asynchronous Payments API
    For Money Transfer Organizations (MTOs) and other general types of disbursement partners.

  2. Asynchronous Webhooks API
    Works with the Asynchronous Payments API to deliver Instant Payment Notifications (IPNs)

  3. Synchronous Payments API
    Tailor-made for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs)

  4. Synchronous Bank Transfer API
    For transferring funds to banks.

  5. Get Rates API
    For programmatic access to MFS Africa's daily forex exchange rates

The MFS Africa Portal


What's the MFS Africa Portal?

  • MFS Africa has a web-based portal that you can use without the need to do a technical integration.

  • On the other hand, in order to connect directly to the MFS Africa Hub, you need a software engineer to do the integration.

  • The Portal also provides an API for disbursing payments so if you are using the portal to send payments to consumers, you have the choice of using the Portal Payments API or the Async and Sync Payments APIs.

The MFS Africa Portal provides a web-based portal that customers can use to send and receive payments via MFS Africa.

The portal allows customers to access MFS Africa's services without the need for writing any custom software. The portal also provides various self-serve tools for managing the payment process and accessing payment analytics and reports. Learn more.


As shown above, the Beyonic Platform also provides APIs that can be used to access MFS Africa's services.

These include:

  1. Portal Payments API (reserved)
    For issuing funds disbursement instructions and accessing previously issued disbursement instructions.


The Portal Payments API is reserved - use it only if you need the following features.

In most cases, you should use the Payment APIs.

Use the Portal Payments API ONLY if:

  • If you need special features like maker/checker approvals, retries, withdrawal fees or sub-accounts
  • If you are already using the Portal to disburse payments
  • If you are sending payments to a location that is not yet fully supported by the Hub Payment APIs.
  1. The Collections APIs
    For requesting funds from customers and accessing previously issued requests, and retrieving information on funds previously collected from customers.

  2. Contacts API
    For adding or accessing customer data

  3. Other data access APIs
    For accessing other data within your Beyonic account including Transactions, Currencies, Networks, Banks, Events, and more.