Async Payments API


The Async Payments API allows partners to create payments to mobile money wallets, cash pick-up, and bank accounts. All of this functionality is available via one API with results coming via a webhook.

With these APIs partners are advised of the success or failure of transactions through asynchronous response codes.

If you are a Mobile Network Operator and need synchronous APIs, see our Sync Payments API.

The MFS Africa Hub supports the following payment types:

  1. Mobile wallet remittances
    Reach millions of mobile wallets across Africa and beyond. These transfers are real money and can be cashed out or used to pay for goods and services available on the mobile wallet in the receiving market.

  2. Bank account transfers
    A partner sending to a bank account must provide MFS Africa with the destination bank code and recipient bank account number. Available bank codes are available through the get_banks API method

  3. Cash pick up remittances
    These transfers are real money and can be cashed out in the receiving market via selected MFS Africa partners.

Cash Pickup Remittances

The following instructions should be followed when using the Async Payments API to send cash pickup remittances.

  1. Include a relevant reference value in the reference field. See Cash pickup reference values here

  2. Take note of the voucher number that is returned in the trans_com response.
    This voucher number should be shared with the recipient in a secure manner. They will need it when picking up the cash.