Get Card Info

MFS Africa has integrated with Very Good Security (VGS) to use their PCI Compliance capability in retrieving and exposing sensitive card data to end users. VGS is both PCI DSS and SOC 2 compliant.
Our adaptor is using the VGS Show service in getting the card data which then can be displayed onto a web portal or mobile application. This solution helps both you and MFS Africa to be out of the PCI scope.



The vault is a unique environment where you can securely store your sensitive data which is provided by VGS. It is the home of all your sensitive data and works in conjunction with the Reverse Proxy and Forward Proxy.
This unique environment is represented with a vault ID.




This is the sandbox vault ID. For production setup, another vault ID is provided.

Path Info



    "mobilePhoneNumber": "25612345678",
    "last4Digits": "2984"
Field (* required field)TypeDescription
last4Digits*stringLast 4 Digits of card associated with phone number
mobilePhoneNumber*stringMobile Number associated with card


    "pan": "8800880000302984",
    "name": "John Doe",
    "expireDate": "30-JUN-2025",
    "cvv": "123",
    "cardStatus": "AC",
    "errorCode": "0000",
    "errorMessage": "SUCCESS"
panstring16 digit of the card
namestringCardholder name
expireDatestringExpiry date for the card. Format: DD-MMM-YYYY
cvvstring3 digit security code of the card
cardStatusstringStatus of the card.
AC: Active
IA: Inactive
errorCodestringError Code
errorMessagestringError Message

UI Integration

The Get Card Info should be integrated directly on either web UI or mobile application. The VGS Show solution allows this integration to happen through the Show.js and mobile SDKs. See below for additional details: