Update Card Status

Update Status Request service uses POST method to change the card status(Active or Inactive or LostOrStolen) for a registered card.

  • Active - Card is usable and transactions are allowed
  • Inactive - Card is not usable and transactions are not allowed
  • LostOrStolen - Card is closed and transactions no more possible




  "last4Digits": "1234",
  "mobilePhoneNumber": "1234567890",
  "newCardStatus": "Active"
Field (* required field)TypeDescription
last4Digits*stringLast4Digits of card associated with phone number
mobilePhoneNumber*stringMobile Number associated with card
newCardStatus*stringValid values include: “Active”, “Inactive”,“LostOrStolen”. Quotes are not to be included


    "errorCode": "0000",
    "errorMessage": "SUCCESS"
errorCodestringError Code
errorMessagestringError Message