Virtual Registration

Virtual Registration Request service uses POST method to register and link a user to a virtual card.

  • In the request, the KYC details are sent and validation is done on the Cards API. The ID are verified at Smile ID(if enabled at partner) using the idType and idValue.
  • In the response the customer ID, last 4 digits of PAN, and a passcode is sent in response. The passcode is used to login into the cardholder portal.




    "accountSource": "OTHER",
    "address1": "Lane 1",
    "address2": "lane 2",
    "address3": "Lane 2",
    "alternatePhoneNumber": {
      "countryCode": "256",
      "number": "123456789"
    "birthDate": "17-JAN-1985",
    "bvn": "0000001",
    "cardType": "VPC",
    "city": "Lagos",
    "country": "NG",
    "emailAddress": "[email protected]",
    "firstName": "John",
    "idType": "PASSPORT",
    "idValue": "32332",
    "lastName": "John",
    "middleName": "",
    "mobilePhoneNumber": {
      "countryCode": "256",
      "number": "988765431"
    "otherAccountId": "554353",
    "otherCompanyName": "XYZ",
    "postalCode": "212122",
    "preferredName": "John Doe",
    "solId": "4334",
    "stateRegion": "LA",
    "notificationMethod": "NONE"
Field (* required field)TypeDescription
accountSource*stringThis field contains “SKYE”, “ROAMWARE”, ”OTHER”
alternatePhoneNumberobject"alternatePhoneNumber": {
"countryCode": "933",
"number": "937256786"
birthDate*stringThis field contains the format: DD-MMM-YYYY (17-JAN-1985)
bvnstringBank Verification Number for Nigeria only
cardType*stringVPC - Virtual Prepaid Card
VCC - Virtual Companion
This is dependent on the type of program you been registered
country*stringThis field contains the two character country code
firstName*stringThis field contains the Card holder first name
idValue*stringThis field contains the value corresponding to the IDType
lastName*stringThis field contains the Card holder last name
middleNamestringThis field contains the Card holder middle name
mobilePhoneNumberobject"mobilePhoneNumber": {
"countryCode": "933",
"number": "937256786"
otherAccountIdstringClient / Partner specific ID that uniquely identifies account holder
otherCompanyNamestringInformation embossed on second line of card(Physical card only)
preferredName*stringName to be displayed on the Card
solIdstringBank branch associated with the card
stateRegion*stringTwo character State/Region code specific to Country
notificationMethod*String“SMS” or “NONE”. “SMS” will send card details to the customer via SMS. “NONE” will send no SMS.


    "errorCode": "0000",
    "registrationCustomerID": "12702559",
    "registrationLast4Digit": "9198",
    "registrationPassCode": "4158",
    "errorMessage": "SUCCESS"
errorCodestringError Code
errorMessagestringError Message
registrationCustomerIDinteger($int64)The customer ID of the newly created account holder
registrationLast4DigitstringThe last four digits of 16 digit PAN of the new card
registrationPassCodestringThe Registration Pass Code of the new card